Clean and Jerk How To

Why do it?

The Clean and Jerk is a complex multi-stage Olympic movement to lift the heaviest weight possible above your head using a barbell.

Form Check

Caught top of chest Motionless after clean Motionless at end


  1. Begin with the barbell on the floor
Clean and Jerk
  1. Push the bar off the floor like a deadlift
  2. Drive with hip and toe extension
Clean and Jerk
  1. Jump under the bar into a low Front Squat position
Clean and Jerk
  1. Stand up straight
Clean and Jerk
  1. Spring down until there is a slight bend in your knees and back
Clean and Jerk
  1. Recoil up driving the bar from your feet into the air
  2. Split your legs to get under the bar as it reaches its highest point
Clean and Jerk
  1. Extend the arms fully and catch the bar in a stable split position
Clean and Jerk
  1. Stand up from the split position

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