Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell Row How To

Why do it?

Dumbbell Rows allow you to focus on one arm at a time and work each side of your back to exhaustion. You may be able to lift more than Bent Over Row as this movement is more supported.

Form Check

Touch body Parallel to bench Stable hips


  1. Place two dumbbells on either side of a weights bench
  2. Kneel on the bench with one leg, with the other leg to the side
  3. Lean over the weights bench until your body is parallel to the bench
  4. Support the body with the kneeling arm
  5. Grab the dumbbell from the floor with the other arm and bring it to bench height
Dumbbell Row
  1. Pull the dumbbell towards your midriff until it touches you
Dumbbell Row
  1. Lower the dumbbell back to bench height
Dumbbell Row
  1. Replace the dumbbell on the floor after you finish all repetitions and swap sides

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